Elanco invests over $2 million in product research for dairy industry

The same innovation that has always served as a driving force for Rumensin® is now helping dairy producers better understand milk production efficiency.

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December 1, 2018

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Elanco invests over $2 million in product research for dairy industry

When Elanco discovered and introduced Rumensin® in 1976, it was a groundbreaking innovation for the cattle industry.

“There has never been another Elanco feed additive with as much research performed on it as Rumensin,” said Gary Vogel, Elanco technical consultant. “We have completed decades of studies — and continue to this very day — to determine the best way to feed Rumensin.”

Forty years later, that focus on innovation is still going strong. Since 2004, Elanco has invested more than $2 million funding research to better understand how to maximize milk production efficiency while utilizing Rumensin, which is the only FDA-approved feed ingredient for lactating and dry milk cows.

“Milk fat is a valuable component in today’s dairy market,” said Dr. Gerald Mechor, Elanco technical consultant. “Our research continues to help us better understand the key risk factors associated with milk fat synthesis and has contributed to maximizing milk fat production on dairies today.”

“All of this research has contributed to Elanco’s Milk Fat Platform, which is Elanco’s commitment to helping dairy nutritionists and producers maximize milk fat yield and overall milk production efficiency,” said Mechor.



●       Building on original FDA approval studies for Rumensin to achieve a lactating claim for improved milk production efficiency

●       Helping industry professionals understand the risk factors contributing to milk fat variation

●       Demonstrating the value of Rumensin through all phases of lactation

●       Better understanding of the effect of different Rumensin doses during different stages of the lactation cycle

●       Understanding the interactions of Rumensin with different feed ingredients and dairy rations

●       Investigating the effects of Rumensin on the environment and in manure digesters

To learn more about Rumensin, contact your Elanco sales representative or technical consultant.

CAUTION: Consumption by unapproved species or feeding undiluted may be toxic or fatal. Do not feed to veal calves. The label contains complete use information, including cautions and warnings. Always read, understand and follow the label and use directions.

For Dairy Cows: For increased milk production efficiency

Total Mixed Rations (complete feed): Feed continuously to dry and lactating dairy cows a total mixed ration (“complete feed”) containing 11 to 22 g/ton monensin on a 100% dry matter basis.

Component Feeding Systems (including top dress): Feed continuously to dry and lactating cows a Type C Medicated Feed containing 11 to 400 g/ton monensin. The Type C Medicated Feed must be fed in a minimum of 1 pound of feed per cow per day to provide 185 to 660 mg/head/day monensin to lactating cows or 115 to 410 mg/head/day monensin to dry cows. This provides cows with similar amounts of monensin they would receive by consuming total mixed rations containing 11 to 22 g/ton monensin on a 100% dry matter basis.


†Production of marketable solids-corrected milk per unit of feed intake.

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