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INFORCE 3 earns new administration and duration label claims

Single-nostril neonatal calf administration now approved, plus IBR protection for six months.

January 23, 2017

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INFORCE 3 earns new administration and duration label claims
Inforce 3 now claims single-nostril administration and six months of protection against IBR.Zoetis

INFORCE 3 has earned a single-nostril administration claim to make it more convenient to administer and the labeled claim to protect against IBR for six months.

Studies demonstrated that when the full 2-mL dose was administered into a single nostril in neonatal calves, INFORCE 3 protected against respiratory disease caused by infectious bovine rhinotracheitis (IBR) virus, bovine respiratory syncytial virus (BRSV) and parainfluenza 3 (PI3) virus.

In additional studies, INFORCE 3 also demonstrated the ability to override maternal antibodies to moderate IBR respiratory disease for at least 15 weeks and provided IBR respiratory protection for more than six months in IBR-naive neonatal calves.

 “INFORCE 3 delivers levels of protection and duration of immunity unmatched by any other intranasal vaccine,” said Nathan Voris, DVM, MBA, senior marketing manager with Zoetis. “Providing effective, long-lasting protection for the young calf is a big deal because illness during the calf’s first 60 days of life can set them back for their entire lifetime. Veterinarians and cattle producers utilize INFORCE 3 more than any other vaccine because they have observed the safe and effective respiratory protection it provides.”

Zoetis says challenge studies investigating the efficacy of INFORCE 3 have demonstrated unsurpassed levels of protection for young calves.

  • In a severe BRSV challenge study in which only 10% of non-vaccinated calves survived respiratory infection, 100% of the calves vaccinated with INFORCE 3 were protected from mortality.

  • Calves vaccinated in the presence of maternal antibodies and challenged with virulent IBR virus 105 days later demonstrated shorter disease duration, less respiratory disease incidence, less nasal shedding of virus and higher antibody titers than controls.

  • IBR negative calves challenged with virulent IBR virus 193 days post-vaccination showed 75.7% less respiratory disease incidence versus controls.

These studies verify that vaccination of neonatal calves with INFORCE 3 offers an effective strategy for preventing BRSV respiratory disease and stimulates long-lasting IBR respiratory protection, even in the presence of IBR maternal antibodies, the company says.

Zoetis also says INFORCE 3 is the first and only respiratory vaccine that prevents respiratory disease caused by BRSV while also aiding in the prevention of IBR and PI3. Developed specifically for needle-free intranasal administration, INFORCE 3 has shown excellent efficacy in helping to prevent respiratory disease and reduce viral shedding.

The vaccine contains proprietary temperature-sensitive IBR and PI3 viral strains, as well as naturally temperature-sensitive BRSV. This unique formulation stimulates protective immunity in the nasal passages, where respiratory infections start, while also priming the immune system for a rapid memory response to subsequent vaccination or disease challenge. INFORCE 3 is safe for use in all types, ages and classes of calves, including neonatal calves, weaned and high-stress stocker calves.

For information talk with your Zoetis representative or veterinarian or visit CompleteCalfProtection.com.

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