New adjuvant may eliminate booster vaccines

Single-dose adjuvant may save time and cost by reducing need for booster vaccines, maker says.

November 4, 2019

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Newport Laboratories, Inc. recently launched Bio One, a proprietary one-dose adjuvant that it says eliminates the need for booster vaccines.

Many bovine custom-made vaccines require an initial administration and a second booster shot several weeks later, the company says. Due to the added labor cost and logistical challenges associated with administering the second dose, it is commonly not performed, which can compromise the effectiveness of the vaccination. 

Bio One, available exclusively from custom vaccine maker Newport Laboratories, delays the elimination of antigens, and thus permits immune responses to last longer, removing the need for a second dose.

"We've heard from our customers that administering a second dose of a vaccine is time consuming and costly, so we’re excited that BIO ONE will remove that extra step," says Randy Shirbroun, DVM, director of the ruminant business unit at Newport Laboratories.

There are two basic ingredients in killed vaccines: antigens and adjuvants. Antigens are viruses or bacteria that have been inactivated so they don’t cause disease. But even in an inactivated state, antigens do set off an alarm within the immune system, signaling that a foreign invader is present. It’s the job of the adjuvant to amplify that alarm, which allows the immune system to begin building up its defenses against the invader, making it better prepared to fend off the real thing.

Unlike off-the-shelf killed vaccines, custom-made vaccines give producers and veterinarians the option to select an adjuvant that can help solve their particular herd's health challenges, says Newport Laboratories. Determining the optimal adjuvant to use in a vaccine is critical, because different adjuvants have different abilities when triggering immune responses

For more information contact your Newport Laboratories or Boehringer Ingelheim representative, or visit Newport Labs website.

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