Pneu-Dart offers free course on setting up and properly using remote drug delivery equipment.

Alan Newport, Editor, Beef Producer

March 3, 2017

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Online course teaches remote drug delivery
The top maker of remote delivery devices has produced a free, online course to teach users how to safely and efficiently use its equipment in pasture situations.Pneu-Dart

Pneu-Dart is now offering a remote drug delivery online educational program.

The No. 1 maker of remote delivery devices is offering this training free to anyone who wants it, available at

The study course begins with studying a particular type of projector (sometimes called a dart gun). These can be powered like a pump-up airgun, a CO2 gun, or one that projects darts via pressure and gasses from a .22 rimfire blank cartridge.

Once the projector type is chosen based on what a customer wants or already has, the courses go through these steps:

  • Practice makes perfect

  • Establishing your VCPR

  • The injection site – The O-Zone

  • The injection site – IM versus SubQ

  • Remote delivery devices (RDD) – How they work

  • How to fill RDD

  • Taking the shot with live RDD Devices

Once this course is completed, the "student" has access to the company's educational video library.

The company is reminding customers repeatedly in this coursework and elsewhere that proper remote drug delivery must be delivered to the area they have trademarked as the O-Zone injection site. It says a user should be able to consistently deliver practice device of the size they will be using to a six-inch target before attempting to deliver any medication remotely. This zone is on the side of the neck, forward of the shoulder.

In November 2014 Beef Producer magazine ran this story to help producers learn more about correct use of remote drug delivery products.

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