Consider how technology can ease planning, enhance mesquite control

LandVisor™ advanced brush management helps you precisely target applications to your most-productive acres and hit optimum treatment timing for better results.

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Many ranchers plan aerial applications on mesquite months or even years in advance of the summer spray season. That’s why now is a perfect time to get a jump on planning this year’s mesquite spraying. It’s also a good time to explore how the latest technology can help.

LandVisor™ advanced brush management helps make the planning process easier and more precise. LandVisor combines sophisticated imagery with data analytics and industry expertise. Guided by a human consultant, ranchers get interactive digital maps with data. That data identifies soil types, key plant species, mesquite density and an estimate of current and potential grass production. LandVisor can identify where spraying offers the best return. During the spray season, LandVisor helps determine when mesquite is ready to spray to get the best results.

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Starting the process with LandVisor now eliminates the late-spring rush. It allows more time to work through the mapping process, giving producers more time to analyze what they learn about their ranch.

There’s a potential benefit in application timing, too. Starting now puts producers in a better position to catch an early spray window.

Ranchers can access LandVisor advanced brush management through Certified LandVisor consultants. Many applicators have connections to these certified applicators.

Beginning the process

In the consultant’s first meeting with the rancher, the consultant will use LandVisor to outline the boundaries of the property to be considered for treatment. That can be a part of a pasture or the whole ranch. LandVisor then displays the various soils on the ranch and their current and potential productivity. It also can show a history of environmental conditions that affect spray results.

To proceed, the consultant collects field data within the boundaries. The consultant identifies significant plant species — those to be targeted and those to be excluded. The consultant geotags a sampling of those plants to “train” the technology. This step can be done any time of year — brush doesn’t need to have leaves. The consultant uploads that data into the LandVisor system.

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In the second meeting, the consultant and rancher review map overlays of mesquite density and potential productivity. That data helps identify where mesquite treatment will best meet the landowner’s objectives. The rancher and consultant can explore various “what-if” options. For example, the landowner might decide to leave out low-production areas and concentrate on the more productive areas to improve the overall potential grass increase and return on investment.

Once the spray plan is determined, the landowner assigns an applicator. LandVisor then creates an application file, called a “controller file” or “shapefile.” When it’s time to spray — in season — the applicator loads the file into the global positioning system (GPS). That file enables precise application according to the plan.

Improve application timing

Successful mesquite control is dependent on many variables — soil temperature, soil moisture, foliage biomass, photosynthetic activity. LandVisor helps keep up with that.

Once the rancher commits to spray, LandVisor starts tracking all these environmental and vegetative criteria. When all the factors indicate the expected mesquite mortality — 65% to 80% — is achievable, it’s ready for the consultant to check and confirm.

While a human still makes the final judgment, LandVisor provides more information than eyeballs alone can detect. A year after application, the consultant will return to evaluate the results. Because LandVisor takes a lot of guesswork out of the process, if the level of control doesn’t meet standards, Corteva will offer and execute a warranty that year or during the second year after the original application.

For more information on LandVisor advanced brush management, request a demo.


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