I heard this interview with Gary Taubes recently.

June 12, 2011

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Good News For Beef: "Why We Get Fat"

I heard this interview with Gary Taubes recently. He is the author of a new book which reviews scientific evidence on obesity and is entitled "Why we get fat and what to do about it."

This is definitely good news for cattlemen. In a quick summary he says it is carbohydrates (such as in eating pasta, potatoes, anything with refined flour or sugar) that causes the body to create more insulin, and it is insulin that controls the fat in our bodies.

Protein, fats and non-carb calories in foods do not lead to obesity. He quotes study after study where people on a high carb/low fat/low calorie diet were compared to people on a normal diet except for low carbohydrates; those on the normal diet with low carbohydrates lost weight and kept it off.

I can't and won't quote the entire interview but, overall, it totally debunks the idea that eating beef or other meats is bad for you, quite the opposite - a beef diet and reduction in carb intake is very good for you and would control weight. It's the pasta, baked potato and breads and rolls that build insulin, which builds fat and leads to obesity and also contributes to an increase in diabetes in the U.S. My own summary: the hamburger is great; the French fries and bun are what will get you.

To read the entire article, link here.

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