Last day to vote for the best “Bellied up to the feedbunk” photo; PLUS: 5 cattle nutrition resources

March 30, 2015

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Last day to vote for the best “Bellied up to the feedbunk” photo; PLUS: 5 cattle nutrition resources

When it comes to producing great-tasting, high-quality beef, ranchers know one key is good nutrition. In March, we focused on cattle nutrition with the BEEF Daily and Greeley Hat Works “Bellied up to the feedbunk” photo contest. Readers from across the country shared their best photos featuring cattle grazing in pastures, munching on hay, or lined up waiting for the feed truck.

In case you missed it, check out the 70+ photographs showcasing cattle nutrition here.

We narrowed the field to 15 finalists and enlisted readers’ help in selecting our champions. The two photographers who receive the most votes will receive a Greeley Hat Works Hat, valued at $300.


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Check out the 15 finalists and vote for your favorite photo by listing the name or number of your pick in the comments section of the photo gallery.


There’s still time to vote! Voting will remain open until noon today! Be sure to share this contest with your friends and encourage them to vote, as well! Thank you for your participation and for helping make this contest fun!


Because cattle nutrition is a top priority for beef producers, I’ve rounded up five of our best articles, blogs and resources related to this topic. Browse through the archives of some of our most recent coverage on this important topic by clicking on the links below:

1. Feed Composition Tables: Discover the nutritional values of 280 commonly used cattle

2. 6 factors to evaluate the nutrition in your forage supply 

3. Balancing cattle nutrition with genetics key to ranch success 

4. Veterinarian tips for cattle nutrition and health 

5. Don’t short cow nutrition and top 10 management tips 

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