Cull cow prices in 2024

A look at higher trending cull cow values in 2024.

May 8, 2024

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James Mitchell, University of Arkansas

Cull cow values are trending higher in 2024. The first graph in this article shows weekly cull cow prices for 85-90% lean cows in the Southern Plains. This type of cull cow classification correlates to a cow with approximately a body condition score of 4.5-5.5, depending on dressing percentage. The most recent data shows cull cow prices reaching $1.22 per pound, a 73 percent increase compared to last year. In 2024, cull cow prices are averaging $1.03 per pound or 53 percent higher year over year. 

The Markets

Choice boxed beef was down $2 last week. Boxed beef prices have declined since reaching a high in late March. This is counter to typical seasonal trends. 

Pasture Conditions

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