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No Silver Bullets For Supplementing Your Cattle Operation

Different ranches, cattle and environments require different solutions to supplement needs.

A well-planned supplement program attempts to look at all systems and seldom means simply ordering a load of blocks, tubs or bags.

Remember that every ranch is unique, and coming up with a one-size-fits-all solution is not going to happen. I like to think of supplements as low-cost inputs that tweak a system which is "almost working" in to a system that is “working.”

Too much of today’s agriculture is based on production and marketing which sports an ever bigger band-aid in order to cover an ever bigger gaping hole. The cost of a fix has driven profitability away from the farm/ranch.

Artificially produced high production and low profitability are most often seen together, and the silver bullet that is much spoken about and often promised does not, in fact, exist. The same is true regarding supplementation.

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