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Humane Watch roasts HSUS in Super Bowl ad

A 60-second pre-game ad slams the Humane Society of the United States. Learn more about Humane Watch’s Super Bowl message on today’s blog.

Amanda Radke

February 6, 2017

2 Min Read
Humane Watch roasts HSUS in Super Bowl ad
Amanda Radke

The Super Bowl is an unofficial American holiday. In living rooms and sports bars across the country, football fans gather in front of televisions to watch the big NFL game and laugh over commercial breaks.

Retailers love the Super Bowl as parties revolve around plenty of food, soft drinks, beer and football gear. Many companies want to get their message in front of Super Bowl fans, and advertisers fight to be the “talk” of the show for the week to come.

One of my favorite commercials, which aired in a pre-game Super Bowl slot, was created by Humane Watch, a project of the Center for Consumer Freedom. In the satirical 60-second Super Bowl commercial, Humane Watch roasted the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), likening the expensive lawyers to the sad, doe-eyed dogs and cats HSUS typically features in its own commercials.

The ad satirically wonders about asking for $19 per month to help the HSUS lawyers line their pockets, buy vacation homes, pay off their law school loans. The advertisement reminds viewers that HSUS doesn’t own a single animal shelter. Meanwhile, the lobbying organization, which the ad calls “PETA with suits and deodorant,” aims to eliminate ranches and livestock ownership in this country.

According to a release about the commercial, Humane Watch is “calling out HSUS over its abuses of power and mishandling money. The minute-long ad parodies HSUS commercials, but instead of cute puppies in cages, there are sad lawyers who ‘need your help,’” The ad deplores.

“People often think we run pet shelters,” the ad says about HSUS. “That’s simply not true. We don’t run a single one. Our real goal is to get the government to pass laws that eliminate farms with animals.”

The satirical ad is titled “Lawyers in Cages.” Watch it here and let us know what you think.


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