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A rancher’s tribute to the red, white & blue

We’re celebrating Independence Day with a little cowboy poetry!

As we celebrate our nation’s Independence, I thought it befitting to share a little bit of my amateur cowboy poetry. Here’s hoping you all have a safe and healthy holiday of happiness and celebration!

An Ode To 
Independence Day

Grandpa is a veteran and often tells stories from when he served overseas in Japan.
Fighting alongside other young country boys, that’s where he became a man.

A battered heart from friends lost, he was thankful for his health.
Returning to America, he began to pursue happiness and wealth.

Fresh home from war, he found himself a pretty wife.
They moved to the ranch, raised some kids and built a happy life.

Not a day went by that he didn’t think of his time in the war
And the sacrifices of the brave soldiers who came before.

Some gave all to secure the freedom of this nation.
Now each Independence Day, we can celebrate with great elation.

The bang of fireworks, the gentle wave of the red, white and blue.
Families together, enjoying summer weather, tasty food and a bonfire or two.

At home on the ranch is where my family and I will be;
So thankful for our freedoms, our faith and our liberty.

While celebrating Old Glory today, don’t be afraid to wear your patriotism with pride
And be grateful to our nation’s troops who continue to fight for our side.

God Bless America — land of the free.
There’s no nation greater, and no place I would rather be!

How will you celebrate Independence Day? Share your plans in the comments section below.

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