Cowboy Poetry: "A Blessed Day On The Ranch" by Tim Evans

This poem describes a rancher's perfect day on the ranch.

May 4, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: "A Blessed Day On The Ranch" by Tim Evans

As the sun begins to rise above the horizon,

the day is 3 hours old,

I sit and take a break beside the fire to shake the cold.


The snow's been melting here in the early spring,

there are cows to check,

fences to mend, it's simply what ranch life brings.


At noon we sit and thank the Lord for our many blessings,

the land, the cows, the ranch, the meal, and the lessons of our passings.


We finish our day with hat in hand, exhausted from the day,

Yet we go to bed with a smile on our face knowing tomorrow we're baling hay.


As we close our eyes, the days past events behind us,

and pass into slumber's sleep knowing all is well among us.


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