How much is too much for a bred heifer?

When it comes to the price of bred cattle, how high is too high? Beef producers must run the numbers when making herd-building decisions. 

December 12, 2014

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How much is too much for a bred heifer?

In the last few years, cow-calf producers have seen an increase in returns. However, expansion has been slow due to droughts, high feed costs, storms, and high prices of replacement heifers. With the drop in feed prices and the expected high returns on cattle in the next few years, many producers have been wondering if it is time to expand their herd.

For a producer to know if it is the right time for them to expand, they must look at the lifetime of the heifer and the number of calves she will produce over her lifetime, says Shannon Sand, South Dakota State University Extension livestock business management field specialist.

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