I'm A Rancher

Troy Marshall

July 1, 2011

1 Min Read
I'm A Rancher

Ever get asked what you do for a living? I’ve never known a rancher who doesn’t take a certain pride in answering that question with “I’m a rancher.”

I’m pretty sure accountants and attorneys don’t all get that same sense of pride; at least they certainly don’t get an almost universal sign of respect from those who ask the question. And, I think it’s because of the values that are associated with being a rancher.

Last week, at the Colorado Cattlemen’s Association convention, I had the privilege of riding up a mountain on a gondola with one of those individuals who truly embody everything I associate with the word “integrity.” He serves on committees and attends conventions because he feels he has an obligation to the industry. He helps put on a Christian cowboy camp for youth every year. He takes care of the land, and is one of those individuals you just know that if you make a deal on a handshake, the deal is done.

It is individuals like these, who live by the Code of the West, that makes it possible for us to make our case when attacked. It’s their example that makes it possible to say” I’m a rancher” with pride.

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