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Research Reveals New Beef Profit Opportunities

February 19, 2014

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Research Reveals New Beef Profit Opportunities

There are a few ideas in the latest North Dakota State University beef research that might be help you make more money.

In a project comparing lactating beef cows fed a diet of corn stover and distillers grain with cows fed corn silage, wheat middlings, barley hulls and straw, researchers at the Carrington Research Extension Center in Dickinson found that calves of cows on the stover-distillers grain diet gained 2.73 lbs./day during the 92-day study while calves of cows fed the other diet gained 2.57 lbs./day.

The decrease in cows' condition score during the summer feeding period was nearly identical (1.1 for cattle on the stover-distillers grain diet vs. 1 for cows on the other diet). The daily ration cost for the stover-distillers grain diet was $1.71, compared with $2.22 for the other diet.

To read more results of the research, click here.


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