5 Areas Beef Producers Should Assess This Fall

Producers should assess the calf crop in fall and prepare for winter feed supply, says Gene Schmitz, University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist.

Fall is a time for beef producers to assess the past growing season and prepare for the upcoming winter months. Gene Schmitz, University of Missouri Extension livestock specialist, says evaluating the forage base and livestock performance can help identify changes that need to be made in upcoming growing seasons. Schmitz offers these 5 tips for fall planning:

1. Assess weeds.

Pasture and hay fields should be monitored for weed pressure and the presence of toxic plants. Identify and mark problem areas so they can be treated in a timely manner next year. Assess grass stands and identify areas for possible renovation to thicken the stand.

Soil test and identify nutrient deficiencies so fertilizer and lime dollars can be spent more efficiently to correct existing problems.

To read the complete list for fall planning, click here.


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