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SD Cattlemen Catch Bull With Cage

No corrals in the pasture? No problem for Martinmass cowboys. They drop a cage on the biggest bull.

Ray Martinmass and his brothers, of Orient, SD, have a slick way to catch a cow or bull in the pasture.

They drop a cage on them.

The Martinmasses built a cage out of square steel tubing. It's about 6 ft. wide, 12-14 ft. long, 5-6 ft. tall. They lift the cage up with a payloader or tractor loader, run up behind the animal with the cage high in the air and drop it over the top of them. They sometimes need to herd the animal with ATVs so the tractor or payloader operator can line up the cage properly.

To get the bull or cow in a trailer, they then lift the cage a foot or so off the ground and walk the animal over to the trailer. They insert the end of the cage into the trailer, open a gate on the end of the cage that's in the trailer and the bull or cow jumps in the trailer on its own.

Ray Martinmass maneuvers a cage over a bull in a pasture.

"It's pretty slick," Martinmass says.

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