Cattle-Feeding Losses Continue To Mount

Cattle feeding continues to gush red, and this point is clearly illustrated by numbers put out by the LMIC (Livestock Marketing Information Center) and looking at monthly estimated cattle feeding losses for the first six months of the year.

USDA slaughter level by month (million head) Estimated $ losses/head (LMIC) Equity Loss (million)
January-1,858 -168.23 $312.6
February-1,776 -150.44 $267.82
March-1,842 -169.78 (largest in history) $312.70
April-2,010 -137.68 $276.7
May-2,140 -50.07 $107.1
June-2,268 -88.78 $201.35
Year to Date $1.478 billion
-- Troy Marshall