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Hereford Debuts Its Hereford Verified Program

Article-Hereford Debuts Its Hereford Verified Program

A value-based program that rewards commercial cattle producers for raising superior-performing cattle

A value-based program that rewards commercial cattle producers for raising superior-performing cattle -- but without the risk common to other value-added programs -- is what the American Hereford Association (AHA) says it offers with its new Hereford Verified Network (HVN) program.

The new source-verification program from AHA and Certified Hereford Beef (CHB) LLC will engage all facets of the beef supply chain, AHA says. It creates an open-market supply of CHB-eligible cattle and pays real premiums to program participants. The organization says HVN will allow commercial cattle producers to receive traditional alliance benefits such as an open market, information and premiums without the risk of owning stock or feeding cattle.

Jim Williams, CHB LLC vice president of supply, says HVN is about more than product traceability. It adds value up and down the line, and will engage Hereford seedstock providers, commercial cattle producers and selected cooperating feedlots. The cattle will be harvested by National Beef Packing (NBP) LLC.

The program's aim is to deliver genetic-, source- and age-documented beef to the retailer's door in a pull-through demand system. Two levels of involvement are offered. A Yellow Tag program tracks genetics, source and age, while a Green Tag program only accounts for source and age. Green Tag program participants qualify for $2-3/head bonus while the participants in the Yellow Tag program enjoy $2-6/head.

All HVN program participants qualify for direct marketing to five CHB LLC preferred feeders, receive carcass performance data and benchmarking, obtain feedlot performance data and benchmarking, and have the option of individual carcass data at a discounted price.

For more info, go to or call 816-842-3758.