McDonald's Sets March Sales Record In Japan

McDonald's Holdings Co. Japan says its monthly sales hit 43.05 billion yen in March, the highest level in the company's 36-year history, Japan Today reports. The record sales are attributed to the introduction of a new regular menu and limited-season products, such as the Mega-Mac, as well as offering round-the-clock service, the company says.

A Godzilla-sized Big Mac sourced from Australian beef, the Mega-Mac is a hamburger with four patties, with an extra bun in between, that sells for 350 yen ($2.95 U.S.), about three times more than a standard burger. Originally introduced as a short-term promotion, 3.3 million of the sandwiches were sold in the first four days, eventually reaching a record 11.5 million in three months, reports Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA).

Its popularity kick-started a mega-burger craze that saw competitors, such as Wendy's ("Big triple," $5.05) and Freshness ("Classic double-double burger," $5.72), join in, MLA says.
-- Joe Roybal

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