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Retail Prices Fall Nationwide For Gasoline And Diesel

The U.S. average retail price for regular gasoline fell for the third consecutive week, losing 3.6¢ to settle at $3.061/gal., as of December 3. That's 76.4¢ above a year ago. Meanwhile, the average price of diesel shaved 2.8¢ to $3.416/gal., 79.8¢ more than last year and the third-highest price ever.

All regions recorded decreases in gas price, with the East Coast falling 1.9¢ to $3.073, the Midwest 6.4¢ to $2.995, and the Gulf Coast 3.1¢ to $2.935. The Rocky Mountain region fell by 0.9¢ to $3.054, while the West Coast shaved 2.9¢ to $3.276. California was at $3.361, down 3.7¢, but 86.5¢ over last year.

Regional prices for diesel were also down across the country. The East Coast dropped 0.9¢ to $3.444, the Midwest 3.8¢ to $3.385, the Gulf Coast 1.5¢ to $3.345, and the Rocky Mountain region 4¢ to $3.487. The West Coast shaved 5.5¢ to hit $3.532, while California cut 5.3¢ to $3.567/gal.
-- Energy Information Administration