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Vote Like Your Future Depends On It

With what's at stake it doesn't seem possible, but the experts are predicting a low to moderate turnout in next Tuesday's mid-term elections. At stake is the leadership in the House, and possibly the Senate. Plus, our country is at war, our brave soldiers are in harm's way, and two of the most radical regimes in history are pursuing nuclear weapons. Then there's the Middle East situation, terrorism, and our border and immigration policy. All these are poised to move in radically different directions depending upon the election outcome.

Plus, it's no secret a strong economy means more consumer dollars for beef purchases. Beef's surge in demand the last few years has been due, in part, to the strength of the economy. And it's imperative that the economic steam continues.

The amazing robustness of the economy, however, has been overshadowed, or deliberately minimized, by the focus on foreign policy issues. And don't forget about other important issues, such as Social Security, education and taxes -- all of which likely face a major direction switch if control of Congress changes. If you care about these issues, the importance of this election can't be overstated.

Ag, all by itself, has a huge stake in the outcome, where a new farm bill, rollback of tax cuts, repeal of the Death Tax, and the like are concerned. Ag needs to have its voice heard and its votes counted. Regardless of where you stand, vote early.