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CRYSTALYX® Launches New Beef Cow Body Condition Score App

CRYSTALYX® Brand Supplements has launched a brand new application (app) titled “Beef Cow BCS”. The free app helps Beef Cow-Calf producers manage the nutrition program of their cow herd by assigning & storing body condition scores on individual cows.

The CRYSTALYX® Beef Cow BCS App is available on iOS (iPhone/ iPad) and Android platforms.

The app offers the ability to snap profile pictures of your cows and compare them to reference photos of cows that represent Body Condition Scores from 1 to 9.

Determine the BCS that best describes each cow, along with an ear tag number, and save it within the App for future reference. If you would like to arrange your cows by pasture, that functionality is also available. You can then use these stored images as references at any point in the future to determine how best to manage your nutrition program to make sure your cows breed and calve in a timely manner.

CRYSTALYX® brand supplements is owned by Ridley Block Operations, the largest manufacturer and marketer of low-moisture blocks in North America and a manufacturer and marketer of pressed, poured, composite and compressed blocks, and loose minerals. The company is a leader in research, formulation, manufacturing and marketing of supplements fed to beef and dairy cattle, horses, sheep, goats and bison.

For more information, contact:
Dan Dhuyvetter
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