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Efficiency Contest

2014 BEEF Efficiency & Profit Contest | Carcass Data Sheet

Here is the carcass grid upon which the cattle in the BEEF Quality & Profitability Contest will be priced (download full chart below). Developed by Dan Hale, meats scientist at Texas A&M University, this carcass pricing grid offers a base price of $245/cwt. for a USDA Choice, Yield Grade 3 carcass weighing between 550 lbs. and 1,000 lbs. To or from this base price, price premiums for higher carcass performance are added, and discounts for lower carcass performance are subtracted, to arrive at a final price per 100 lbs. of carcass. This price will be multiplied by the carcass weight to determine the final carcass value, which will be considered the income assessed to each steer. This grid was developed based on prices offered for cattle and carcasses when the cattle utilized in this contest were sold back in early July.

Press the "DOWNLOAD THIS FILE" button below to download the excel spreadsheet for pricing.

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