wildfires in Texas Credit: Tom Pennington / Stringer / Getty Images

One million acres burns in the Plains

Producers in the Plains continue to battle fires that have so far burned an estimated 1.4 million acres.

An estimated 1.4 million acres burned in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas this week, with firefighters still struggling to gain control on Friday. That doesn’t include at least another 30,000 acres in northeastern Colorado.

Kansas was hit the hardest with an estimated 626,000 acres burned, according to the Kansas Adjutant General’s Department on Thursday. About 80% of that was in two counties.

In Oklahoma, the Forestry Service reported more than 312,000 acres burning in the Northwestern part of the state, bordering Kansas.

In Texas, the Texas A&M Forest Service reported responding to three fires encompassing 436,907 acres.

The fires were responsible for at least five human fatalities, according to various reports, along with an untold number of lost livestock and facilities.

Relief efforts are being coordinated on a number of fronts by several organizations. For a listing, see Fire Relief Resources.

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