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Easily Feed Livestock All Winter Long with Round Hay Bale Covers from FarmTek

-Easily Feed Livestock All Winter Long with Round Hay Bale Covers from FarmTek

FarmTek offers a variety of products, from heated waterers to insulation and heaters, to help keep livestock more comfortable throughout the winter season. Round Hay Bale Covers are a new and affordable option which allow you to preplace hay bales evenly around your field to easily feed livestock all winter long. These cost-effective and easy-to-use round bales save labor and energy while providing rotational grazing for your livestock.

Uncover one bale at a time and as your livestock moves from bale to bale, they are effectively and evenly fertilizing the entire field. Besides less labor and easy fertilization, keeping your hay covered in the field will prevent spoilage and nutrient loss. In addition to ensuring that your livestock remains healthy throughout the winter, these covers eliminate the need for equipment to move the hay to covered storage, preventing problems maneuvering equipment through snow and ice.

Save time and money by preplacing your bales and letting your livestock fertilize your fields! With more than 30,000 high-quality products, FarmTek is a one-stop shop for supplies for your farm.

For more information, visit or call 1.800.327.6835 to request a free catalog.