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Bale splitter keeps wrap, dumps out 2 halves

Rhino Mega Bale Splitter 2.0
SPLIT AND SAVE: This simple-looking machine splits a bale as easily as someone slicing an apple in two. The MBS 2.0 removes netting or twine at the same time, holding it back so it doesn’t enter a grinder.
Editors’ Choice: A bale splitter that removes netting and twine could be a game-changer.

If you’ve ever fed big round bales of anything and removed the net wrap or twine by hand before dumping the bales into a round bale feeder or tub grinder, you know how painfully slow that process can be. It’s certainly not a highlight of most people’s day.

If you are in the market for a bale splitter so you can divide big round bales into two halves before dumping them into a tub grinder, for example, then check out this machine. The Mega Bale Splitter 2.0 from Rhino Ag not only makes quick work of bales, splitting them into two identical pieces, but also pulls off net wrap and twine in the process. When the halves come out of the machine, the wrap or twine stays behind.

Splitting bales in half before running them through a tub grinder can save up to 25% in fuel, spokespeople say. You may also find you prefer splitting bales if you’re bedding with straw, or if you’re feeding big round bales to livestock.

The ability to retain the net wrap or twine makes this tool unique to the industry, spokespeople add.

Learn more about the MBS 2.0 at

Editors’ comments
Three Farm Progress editors did their homework and share their thoughts on this new product. They are Tom J. Bechman, Indiana Prairie Farmer; Lon Tonneson, Dakota Farmer; and Mindy Ward, Missouri Ruralist.

• Tom’s take. Removing all or nearly all of the net wrap or twine as the bale is split makes this bale splitter worth a closer look. If you’ve ever tried cutting wrap or twine on bales which have sat for a long item, you know how frustrating it can be. Being able to remove the wrap may not justify buying a bale splitter, but if you’re already thinking about a bale splitter, it certainly should justify checking out this model.

• Lon’s observations. University studies show you can hurt cattle by letting them ingest too much bale twine or net wrap. Since there isn’t an edible product available, getting it off bales is important.  Anything that makes that job faster and easier is good. Having it built into Rhino’s new bale splitter is a plus.

• Mindy’s views. When the kids were young, they found running around the bales unwrapping netting entertaining and downright fun. With the kids gone, this would make quick work of unwrapping hay bales. But that is not the selling point. This machine can split large bales of hay, cornstalks or straw. Keeping the net wrap behind — well, that is a bonus.

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