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Check out this equipment to handle and move products

What’s New From the Shows: Skid steers and other types of loaders find more uses on the farm.

Skid steers and wheel loaders of various types pick up where tractor manure loaders leave off. Whether the job involves moving huge amounts of a bulk commodity, scraping down lots and pens until they’re free of manure, or hooking to attachments to take on grinding up brush or sizing mulch, these tools have found a home on many farms. Many of those farms have livestock operations, but skid steers and wheel loaders have also proven useful in other types of farming operations as well.

One of the big names in skid-steer loaders and construction equipment is Caterpillar. The company introduces a new skid-steer model for 2020. If you need a rugged machine but desire creature comforts, versatility and flexibility, check out this new offering from Caterpillar.

Wheel loaders are featured in this gallery. More and more farms are finding a fit for these unique machines. If you think one might fit your operation, check out these two new models before deciding on which one you wish to buy. They feature some of the latest, most innovative features for this type of machine.

The neat thing about skid steers is that companies have become creative at offering attachments that allow you to do all kinds of tasks with them, besides scraping or hauling manure or moving dirt. Loftness introduces a unit just for skid-steer machines that will prove handy to anyone who has lots of mulch to chop up and turn into a usable form. Like all Loftness equipment, it’s well-built to work for a long time.

Bobcat, another well-recognized name in skid-steer technology, introduces attachments to do specific jobs. Check those out as well. Use the contact information provided to learn more about an individual product that seems like it might hold promise for your operation.

Remember safety when working with skid steers, wheel loaders and skid-steer attachments. The tools offered here are built to the strictest safety standards, but operating this equipment still requires attention to details to keep both the operator and those working with him or her safe.

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