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Farm like you mean it with these tillage tools

What’s New: Here are several versatile tillage tools designed for durable performance.

You can till however you choose with several of the new tillage tools introduced recently by companies that know many farmers still want to do some tillage on many fields. As farmers seek to determine just how much and what kind of tillage that should be, companies are listening. They’re tweaking and fine-tuning designs and offering tools that give you more choice in how you till your fields today.

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For example, the Landoll 2100 Series Coulter Chisel is designed for high-speed operation compared to earlier days with original coulter-chisel tools. Yet the shanks that follow the coulters are designed to size residue, which means you can have a say in how much residue you leave on the surface by how you set up the machine.

Case IH introduces a whole new concept, not just a tool, with AFS Soil Command, which can work with various Case IH tillage implements. It mounts on the tool and relays information to a monitor in the cab wirelessly, based on machine performance. The operator can access a screen in the cab and see which adjustments are possible on the tool being pulled. At that point, the operator can make adjustments, assuming the tool is set up for adjusting on the go.

Meanwhile, Salford incorporates AerWay’s unique, star-shaped disc in a tillage tool that can provide deeper tillage and more aeration where you want it. The new tillage tool combines the AerWay concept with what Salford engineers have learned about tillage.

See these tools and more by clicking through the accompanying gallery.

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