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New products add flair to forage harvesting, handling

What’s New From the Shows: See what several manufacturers are rolling out in forage harvesting and handling.

By Farm Progress staff

Even the name sounds exciting: the Jaguar 800 Series ensilage cutter with Silage Tech technology. You could also choose the Jaguar 900 Series if you have even more acres to harvest and turn into quality silage each year. Both are new, and both are from Claas.

Farm Progress editors found the new Claas machines and other new forage harvesting equipment at recent farm shows. New Holland introduced a new forage harvester — the FR 920 chopper. And John Deere introduced a large self-propelled forage harvester in its lineup. Any of these machines can turn a standing crop into quality forage ready for ensiling or packing into a bunker in a short time.

That’s not all that’s new in forage handling and processing for 2019. Three companies visited by Farm Progress editors wanted farmers to look at their latest bale processing machines. With the domination of the haymaking industry by big round and big square balers, machines to process big bales safely and efficiently are in demand. If you’re wanting a processed forage to mix into total mixed rations (TMR), a bale processor will do the job. Companies introducing new machines for this year insist that not all bale processors are the same. Each company has come up with a machine with features it thinks set its product apart from other offerings in the market.

Check out the new processors offered here and learn what makes them different from other bale processors. Use the contact information to learn more about these forage harvesters and bale processors.

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