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These new tools help you simplify livestock chores

What’s New From the Shows: Feed and work with livestock more efficiently with these new products.

Many of you continue looking for better ways to mix and deliver feed to beef and dairy cattle. Companies are responding with new mixers for total mixed rations (TMR). They come in all sizes and descriptions. Start out inspecting the Danuser Mega-Mixer S75 model displayed here, and move through the slideshow here to find other feed mixers which can handle various feedstuffs and deliver a quality product into the feed bunk.

Information is provided to help you research the model which appeals to you most. Or, visit the websites for different products and make your own comparisons. Since not all these models were displayed at the same show, you can actually make virtual comparisons more easily than you could have inspected each piece shown here in person. Follow up with contact information to learn more about the products which you are most serious about considering for your operation.

You will find more than TMR mixers here. There is a variety of products that companies have introduced for preparing feed and working with cattle. You will find everything from large feed grinders to big bale processors in this lineup of livestock equipment.

You will also find new offerings from companies that specialize in producing chutes and headgates for working cattle. As more is learned about how to handle animals more calmly and safely, companies have responded by either tweaking existing products or introducing brand-new products that make this kind of livestock handling possible. Experts have discovered that when animals are less stressed during handling or loading, they perform better in feedlots — and you end up with a better-quality product in the meat case. There is also less risk to the people working with the animals if everyone stays calm during these procedures, including the people and the animals.  

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