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Tools offer more choice in how to till soils

Gallery-Tools offer more choice in how to till soils

What’s New: Decide how much tillage you want to do, and pick a tool that matches your goals.

More of you are wondering just how much residue vs. black soil you want left on the surface after completing a tillage pass. The shift toward vertical tillage tools a few years ago started the debate. Now some are asking for a tool which could let them do both — vertical tillage and leaving more residue when they want, or do more tillage when they feel that is the best option.

There are various ways to achieve that option. Some companies are designing tools with multiple adjustments from the cab and relying heavily on precision technology to allow the operator to make changes. Others are building tools which can deliver different results, depending upon how they are operated.

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Great Plains believes it has a tool which will please many growers in the new Great Plains Terra-Max. The company calls it a hybrid tillage tool, because growers can take it from a vertical to a conventional tillage tool and use it both in fall and spring. The secret is the blade. The TurboSpeed blade has features from both the Turbo-Max blade on the Great Plains vertical tillage tool; and the SpeedBlade on the Great Plains Velocity, a high-speed tillage tool.

Salford also has a new tillage tool called the Halo HSD high-speed disk that allows growers to run 8 to 14 mph. Spokespersons say you can still run it shallow if you choose. It has more bite in hard ground than earlier vertical tillage tools.

Check out all the new offerings in this tillage tool lineup.

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