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Trade data show U.S. animal product sector a major exporter

Foreign demand takes a significant share of U.S. animal product production.

The latest available U.S. Department of Agriculture trade data for red meat, poultry and dairy trade show that foreign demand accounts for a significant share of U.S. animal product production.

In 2016, beef exports accounted for 10.1% of commercial production. Asia was the largest export market last year, accounting for 63% of beef exports. In 2016, 21% of U.S. pork production was exported, with Asia (45%) and Mexico (31%) taking the largest shares of exports.

The U.S. poultry sector (broilers, other chicken and turkey) exported 15.6% of production, with a large number of relatively small shipments (“other”) accounting for 56% of exports.

The dairy sector exported 18.3% of production on a skim-solids milk equivalent basis, with Asia (55%) and Mexico (24%) the largest export destinations last year.

Almost 4% of U.S. lamb and mutton production was exported in 2016. “Other”— which, in this case, consists of several Caribbean nations — accounted for 41% of exports, while Mexico accounted for 40%.

The U.S. egg industry exported more than 3% of its production, with exports more or less equally distributed among Mexico (27%), other (26%), Asia (22%) and Canada (21%).

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