A rancher’s ode to winter

As winter weather settles in on the prairie, this rancher pens a poem about the season for today’s BEEF Daily blog.

Amanda Radke

December 14, 2016

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A rancher’s ode to winter
Amanda Radke

Last week, we enjoyed the warm weather of Las Vegas during the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Upon our return, winter had arrived with a vengeance, and the bitter cold was quite the shock to our system!

I must admit that I actually like the winter season. The crisp weather wakes me up and makes me want to get things accomplished. As a tribute to winter — the season that seems to drag on so long for ranchers working outside in the cold — I’ve written a poem describing a day in my life on our South Dakota ranch. Here it goes:

I wake before the rise of the morning sun
Already calculating the day’s work to be done.

I pull on my coveralls, boots and face mask
In preparation to go outside and do my first task.

Stepping outside with a thermos of coffee in my hand
I face the biting winter air and dream of sunshine and sand.

The wind cuts through my britches, and the frost nips at my nose
The snow whips around me, and I can feel the chill in my toes.

But the cows are patiently waiting; the hay must be fed
Ice needs to be chopped and, look, the electric fence is dead!

I repair the fence and notice a sick calf; what bad luck!
I take a swig of my coffee while grabbing meds from the truck.

As we work the calf through the chute and into the head gate
I notice the time, remember my deadline and realize I’m late!

Back to the house to write my BEEF Daily blog and newsletter
I think to myself that this day couldn’t have been better.

With two kids in the house and cattle out my window
Nothing can bother me — not even the wind and snow.

With the Christmas season in full swing
I couldn’t ask for more; not even a thing.

This quiet life on the ranch has us feeling so blessed
I pray for our land and livestock and am ready to rest.

For another day has come and gone, and despite the cold
I hope I can keep ranching until I’m very, very old.

What do you love (or maybe hate) about the winter season? Share your stories in the comments section below.

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