American-International Charolais Association welcomes new staff

Beef marketing specialists to drive demand for Charolais-Influenced beef.

October 25, 2023

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The American-International Charolais Association (AICA) is excited to announce the appointment of two talented individuals who have successfully filled the role of beef marketing specialists, in new efforts to connect value for Charolais genetics in the beef industry. These new team members will play a vital role in advancing the demand for Charolais-Influenced beef across the beef supply chain.

As a leading organization in the cattle industry, the AICA is dedicated to enhancing the Charolais breed's consumer acceptance and economic value. The hiring of these Beef Marketing Specialists reflects the association's commitment to excellence and its vision to further solidify the market presence of Charolais genetics.

The newly appointed specialists, David Bisek, director of Charolais Beef Marketing and Stacey Rincker, director of Charolais Beef Promotion, bring extensive backgrounds and qualifications that align perfectly with the AICA's mission. Their core responsibilities include crafting and executing marketing strategies, creating educational materials, nurturing relationships with packers, retailers, restaurants, and industry stakeholders; and actively promoting Charolais-Influenced beef through various channels.

Stacey Rincker, a seasoned professional with a deep-rooted history in the beef industry, brings previous experience working closely with the Illinois Beef Association. Rincker has an impressive track record of successful international beef marketing campaigns and a comprehensive understanding of working with Tyson, one of the four major beef packers in the U.S.

David Bisek, a highly accomplished marketer, worked for Cargill, another of the four major beef packers in the U.S., for nearly a decade and has consulted with startups in the food and beverage industry. Bisek and Rincker are renowned for their creative marketing strategies and excellent communication skills. Working together, they will be instrumental in developing innovative marketing campaigns to resonate with packers, retailers, and consumers.

"We are thrilled to welcome David and Stacey to our team," stated Dr. Clint Rusk, executive vice president of the AICA. "Their marketing expertise and passion will be invaluable for helping us expand the reach of Charolais genetics, support our breeders, and educate the industry about the exceptional advantages of Charolais-Influenced beef."

 Both Rincker and Bisek will work closely with the AICA's staff, based in Kansas City, Missouri.

Their duties include:

  • Leading the day-to-day strategy for marketing Charolais-Influenced beef while boosting retailer acceptance and consumer demand.

  • Collaborating with the executive vice president to provide detailed monthly progress reports to the AICA Board of Directors and the AICA steering committee for beef marketing.

  • Effective communication with AICA staff, board of directors, breeders, cattle buyers, packers, retailers, and consumers.

  • Skillful management and preparation for meetings with cattle buyers, packers, retailers, and consumers.

The AICA is confident that the addition of these dedicated beef marketing specialists will further enhance the organization's position within the cattle industry and assist Charolais breeders by increasing consumer demand for Charolais-influenced beef.

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