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Amanda Radke

September 16, 2020

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On November 3rd, the nation will choose its next president. I don’t know about you, but this election cycle has felt like it will never end.

With less than 50 days until we head to the voting booth to choose our preferred candidate who will serve the United States in the next four years, it feels like the constant barrage of political headlines will never end.

Crazily enough, we haven’t even had a debate between our two leading candidates yet. However, I’m looking forward to the first scheduled debate, which is slated for Sept. 29 in Cleveland, Ohio. Here’s hoping nothing unusual takes place between now and then that would disrupt this event from happening. We, the voters, absolutely deserve to see these candidates discuss their platforms and compare and contrast their values, so we can vote accordingly.

Chances are, you likely already know who you favor in this heated race. However, if you’re undecided or if you’re a political junkie like me, you might be craving more information than what’s currently available.

The BEEF team, along with our sister publications in Farm Progress, have been working hard to bring you credible information as it relates to politics, the election and how these candidates will impact the agricultural community and food production industries.

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