Cowboy Poetry: “Banking on Good Weather” by Tom Swearingen

A cowboy pens a poem about a wicked storm that roared across the desert.

May 7, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: “Banking on Good Weather” by Tom Swearingen

The herd is fairly settled

Given what came through last night.

That sudden rain and wind squall

Could have set 'em on the flight.


Come roarin' 'cross the desert

Like a freight train on a tear.

It's really quite surprisin'

That the cattle didn’t scare.


Could call it luck or blessing

Or whatever name preferred,

For them to not go missin'

In the storm they just endured.


Especially with the thunder,

And white flash of jagged light.

For that could sure have set ‘em

Running fast for out of sight.


But they’re just milling gentle.

Some asleep enjoying rest.

Don’t look worse for the weather,

None appear at all distressed.


And so too with the horses,

They resisted panicked flight.

The cavy’s all together

‘Spite the raging of the night.


They’re soaked of course, still drippin’

From their bout with nature's wrath.

But now the sun is risin’

And in time will warm their path.


What clouds remain are lifting,

Wispy white, emptied of rain.

We’ll soon be back to dusty

On our ranch out on the plain.


So let’s stop burnin’ daylight,

We’ve got hours of work ahead.

Boy’s get yourselves a’ movin’,

Shake the night bugs from your head.


And don’t forget your slickers,

Cause there's one thing that I've learned.

That's banking on the weather

Is a good way to get burned.


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