Cowboy Poetry: “Cowboys and Clowns” by Larry Sasser

This poem describes ranch life as a rodeo.

May 7, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: “Cowboys and Clowns” by Larry Sasser

Some folks go to the rodeo, maybe just to see a clown

Some like to watch the cowboys throw a calf to the ground

Some want to see the bull riders hang on for 8, if they can

Others just like to buy souvenirs or visit the concession stand

We go to watch the cowboys and such, sometimes when they’re in town

But I don’t have to spend money to be entertained by a clown

You see, I have my very own, when working cattle in the pen

While I’m turning cattle out, my clowns are turning them in

We work some cattle regularly, and adventure almost every day

I try to watch out for everyone, if only they’d listen to what I say

Watch out, there comes “Wild Bill,” please move over just a bit

There goes Kathy thru the air and lands in a pile of spit

Now Lane and Dustin are driving in a cow

But I’m starting to wonder, if they really know how

You should see this, a most interesting sight

One is heading her to the left, the other to the right

We drive one in the squeeze, no help needed, I think I said

Kathy pulled the other lever, the one that hit my head

Blake you can give the shot, but don’t give it in the gut

I bend over to show just where, he stuck the needle in my butt

A mean one is in the chute, I shout loud for all to hear

Most cows are afraid of people, but this one shows no fear

I run and open the outside gate It made a lot of sense

I turn her out, they’ve closed the gate!! It’s time to climb the fence


Lane tries to bring in the bull, that doesn’t want in the pen

He’s climbing on the bull’s back, he thinks he’ll just ride him in

Don’t try that I say, as things are getting tense

Instead of going in the gate, the bull goes thru the fence

A visitor has come by, has something important to say

So I stop what I’m doing and hurry on his way

He wants to know, can he fish in my pond

Quick, out of the way, let me get my gun

The vet has come to help, everything is going well

Even though she’s a fool he says, she’s tired of standing still

Now she’s starting to move, she’s tired of standing still

There goes cow and head squeeze running across the field

When bringing in the cattle, we sometimes have bad luck

Instead of herding with my horse, I chase them in my truck

Where that cow came from, I really couldn’t tell

But after running over her, there’s nothing left to sell


The rodeo is coming soon, anticipation and excitement abounds

But there’s no reason for me to go, I have my very own clowns


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