Cowboy Poetry: “Farmer and Rancher” by Ted Smith

This is a poem the hard work that goes into tending to the land and livestock.

May 2, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: “Farmer and Rancher” by Ted Smith

My horse is tied up

Zip’s lying down

Cows are all in the pen

And they’re settling down

Suns coming up, the dew still on the ground

I’ll go over and get the truck and bring it around

The cows are thin the calves are light

It’s been a tough year, We’ve had a drought to fight

The man in town watches his yard turn brown

The farmer and rancher see their livelihood going down

They work hard and take care of the land

They trust in God, they know it’s in his hand

So tonight when you sit down to eat

As you look at the milk, vegetables and meat

Be thankful for the many things you have in your life

Your home, kids and your wife

And when you see the man on a tractor with dust

flying high

Or a cowboy on his horse with his dog walking beside

Say a prayer and ask God to keep them in his hands

For without them, there will be no food for life

or keepers of the land


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