Cowboy Poetry: “Lookin’ Back” by Kenny Konechne

Written in January 1986 to Bronc M, Koneche says he stories about everything and anything that comes to mind. Read more at

May 2, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: “Lookin’ Back” by Kenny Konechne

I look at you and your life style

And it takes me back awhile--

Of the many miles ridden--

Things that was good and some, forbidden--


Of the many places I used to roam,

Never stayin' long enough to call 'em home--

Of the many years that was dry and wet

And the many people that I've met.


There's been a lot of good ones, few bad--

Of the memories of friends I've had.

I used to do what you're doin' now.

I've followed the rear of many a cow.  


I've chased the wimmin and drank the beers--

Spent the money and roped the steers.

In you I see what I used to be--

Like a colt still runnin' free.


One of these days you too will get older--

Summers will be shorter and the winters colder--

Maybe find a place to call yer own,

And a pretty little wife, so's you won't be alone.


As you travel through life many a mile,

I hope ya think of this ol' cowboy once in a while...

May not see you again till we meet in the end,

But I'm proud to have known you as a friend.


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