Cowboy Poetry: "Producer" by Eddie Garcia

A poem dedicated to the producer. 

May 2, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: "Producer" by Eddie Garcia

If you boil the livestock industry down, it always boils down to the producer, they are responsible for raising the calf,   once it hits the ground....turning a heifer,  into a cow, securing our future, so that we can live in the now.

The producer, the one constant denominator,  the reflection of the industry when it looks in the mirror.

If it wasn't for them, I wouldn't be here, their history has been told by generations of men and women, who could persevere.

The consigner, the ones who come in every year, with five or six head on a 24-ft. trailer, after work, with grandad in the truck, checks ‘em in under two different owners. Good South Texas crossbred Beefmasters.

The spectator, the ones who are on the catwalk, even before I get there,  looking at a bull or cow, possibly a heifer, but can't understand the auctioneer, and doesn't like the crowds. Wishing all the way home he should've bid sooner, now his boys are sad, because there is no reason to back up the trailer, no anticipation of what she looks like, or what she does when you un load her. Just try em again next week, there will be another.

The Cattleman, another word for business man. Making a living with a buyer’s card in his hand. I'm talking about people who demand respect and have knowledge, that have experience on the open markets. People who can make a cow turn a profit, that know, that understand the business side of it.

The sale barn owner, the one who brings the buyers and sellers together, in a public form where business transpires. We can't guarantee the markets, just promise a good stand of buyers. Pledge to treat your cattle, as if they were ours.

The auctioneer, the one who puts it all in gear,  the one who translates the prices to our ears. Starts the market, and tries to hold the buyers to it. Getting all he can for the consignors, while being respectful to the buyers, knowing he needs both to be successful, selling the cattle to the best of his ability, with honesty and integrity.

But at the end it all boils down to the producer, someone willing to carry on the heritage of their culture, With their land divided, and full time jobs, they battle mother nature, and stay true to their cause. Its in their blood, and represented in their brand, these are the people that industry needs, someone who can carry on the tradition.

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