Cowboy Poetry: “The big decisions” by Keven "Big K" Jolicoeur

This poem describes the major decisions a rancher must make each day.

May 2, 2016

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Cowboy Poetry: “The big decisions” by Keven "Big K" Jolicoeur

As soon as snow started melting,

the cows started calving.

So many newborns every day

but this isn't gonna change this rancher's way!


It's time to make the big decision,

before making the big "incision."

Will you be some rancher's calf's daddy

or will you bring me some steer's money?

Should I make your amourettes fall

and keep you till next sale fall?


How about you young lady,

should I make you part of the family?

Or should I send your blood away

to someone planning a new journey!


No more chances for you old dry

as once again this year you made my cry.

I'm gonna send you to reform market

where for once you might bring back to my poor pocket!


So many futures unknown!

But a ranch dam sure own!


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