New products featured: Feeder trailer, Anti-infection/pain relief, mini-mixer series, HydraBoxTM Spreaders, ICON AG-10 Scraper, Side-delivery spreader, Rancher 664 Baler, Pregnancy test and Swivel-Hitch Discbine® Mower-Conditioners

December 9, 2010

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December 2010 New Products

Feeder trailer

Krogmann Manufacturing’s feeder trailer is designed to efficiently transport and feed large round bales to cattle on location with minimum hay waste. Research indicates hay waste is 20-30% less with the Krogmann feeder trailer over conventional hay feeders, the company says. Racks fold flat for moving hay off fields and quickly fold into feeder position, with the user loading, hauling or feeding without getting off the tractor. Each model can hold and feed several large round bales, while the trailer level height allows cattle easy access to hay with less waste.

The standard-size unit is available in 20- or 28-ft. lengths.
For more information, call 877-745-3783 or visit

Anti-infection/pain relief

Aurora Pharmaceutical, LLC’s Barrier Wound Care Spray with Pain Relief is an anti-infection, pain-relief product for use after dehorning, castration, branding, etc. The 2% titratable iodine solution kills up to 99% of surface germs while lidocaine alleviates pain, and a natural anti-biting/chewing agent helps prevent self-mutilation and/or cohort licking, biting and chewing. The product, which dries in 60 seconds and forms a highly visible and durable coating, is available in bulk gallons or a 16-oz., trigger-spray bottle.

For more information, call 888-215-1256 or visit

Mini-mixer series

Jaylor’s mini-mixer series features self-propelled, trailer, small flatbed truck mount, and stationary models. Ideal for small herd operators to feed total mixed rations (TMR) and improve their feed efficiency, or large herd operators to create special rations, the mini-series processes small hay bales, forages and other ingredients, then cuts and mixes a consistent, TMR.

The self-propelled model has an all-wheel-drive, hydrostatic drive system that allows easy maneuvering in tight alleyways. It’s also available in a stationary electric drive system and a self-powered trailer option that’s easily towed by utility vehicles.

For more information, call 800-809-8224 or visit

HydraBoxTM Spreaders

New Holland’s HydraBox™ hydraulic-push box spreaders are built for simplicity, ease of maintenance and performance. HydraBox hydraulic-push spreaders feature a staggered, twin-cylinder pushing system with vertical beaters. The simpler design has fewer moving parts and no apron chains to stretch and wear. Staggered cylinders provide a shorter tongue length for better maneuverability and tighter turns.

The 425V model features a 425-bu. heaped capacity, with the lower side height ideal for side loading with a skid steer or small wheel loader. The larger 550V HydraBox spreader model boasts a 550-bu. capacity for larger operations where telehandlers and large wheel loaders are utilized for clean out.

For more information, call 866-639-4563 or visit

ICON AG-10 Scraper

ICON Industries’ AG-10 Scraper is a high-capacity earthmoving system for the farmers, feedlot operators or ranchers who need more than a box scraper or carryall but don’t require an industrial scraper. With a heaped capacity of 10 yards, the AG-10 features a frame engineered between 80,000 and 100,000 tensile strength. It utilizes a front dolly to improve maneuverability via 50° of horizontal movement and 70° of lateral movement, while allowing the use of an average-sized farm tractor. Two 20,000-lb. hubs on the rear and two 12,000-lb. hubs on the dolly provide an estimated total loaded weight of 44,000 lbs.

For more information, call 785-738-6613 or visit

Side-delivery spreader

New Holland’s DuraTank™ side-delivery spreaders feature right-side discharge and easily handle sand-laden slurry to pen pack, biosolids and poultry litter. The overshot expeller provides a fine spread pattern with precise application control – from light top-dressing to heavy spreading – for optimal utilization of nutrients to reduce fertilization costs.

All three DuraTank models – the 2000S, 2600S and 3400S with 2,000-, 2,600- and 3,400-gal. capacities, respectively – feature heavy-duty gusseted tank supports for durability. Hardened flighting auger segments provide strength when spreading dense or frozen materials. The optional Digi-Star® Nutrient Tracker™ allows livestock producers to document manure application for management plans.

For more information, call 866-639-4563 or visit

Rancher 664 Baler
Vermeer’s Rancher 664 baler produces high-density round bales 47 in. wide, and up to 66 in. in diameter and 1,450 lbs., dependent on the crop. Operators can move bales to storage with lower-horsepower tractors or skid loaders, as well as achieve ease of highway transportation by shipping two, 4-ft. bales side by side for a combined width of 8 ft.

The unit’s Bale Expert monitor provides instant bale-forming information, control and operating conveniences right from the cab, including real-time moisture reporting. An optional net-wrap system feeds net directly to the main belts, eliminating rubber feed rollers and feed belts.

The Rancher 664 baler comes with a tested 5-bar pickup, and Drop ’n Go Bale Ejection eliminates the need to disengage and reengage the PTO when dropping a bale. In addition, a single-arm, center-pivot, electric twine-tie system (standard), with dual feed, is easy to thread, maintain and monitor.

For more information, visit

Pregnancy test

BioTracking LLC’s new, accelerated-results blood pregnancy test for cattle, BioPRYNQK (BioPRYN “Quick”), features the accurate, early pregnancy detection of the original BioPRYN blood pregnancy test, but now with same-day results.
Just as with the original test, drawn blood samples are sent to BioTracking’s laboratory or any BioPRYN affiliate lab for processing. If producers wish to have same-day results, they can now choose the BioPRYNQK option at a slightly higher cost. Both BioPRYNQK and traditional BioPRYN testing results will be provided by telephone, e-mail or fax, depending on the sender’s preference.

For more information, call 208-882-9736 or visit

Tight mowing turns

Featuring exceptional maneuverability and precise cutting, New Holland’s H7230 and H7330 Swivel-Hitch Discbine® Mower-Conditioners are built for tight turns. The swivel hitch and constant velocity driveline allow mowing at almost any angle and making square and over-square corners without vibration or noise. The swivel hitch option is offered in both two-point and drawbar hitch versions.

Featuring the latest in disc cutterbar technology and a choice of conditioning methods, the H7230 features chevron-design, intermeshing rubber or steel rolls that ensure consistent, gentle and thorough conditioning. For grass-type crops, tapered flails on the H7330 provide fast-drying, time-saving flail conditioning to get haymaking off to a quicker start. Both provide a 10-ft., 4-in. cutting width.

For more information, call 866-639-4563 or visit

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