Farm Progress America, January 8, 2024

Mike Pearson takes a look at the decision by the federal EPA to rescind the ban for Chlorpyrifos. Farm groups cheered the decision.

January 8, 2024

Mike Pearson takes a look at the decision made in late December by the U.S. EPA to rescind the ban on Chlorpyrifos.

It's the culmination of a back and forth between farm groups and the EPA.

Back in 2022, a court banned the chemical, Chlorpyrifos because it felt protections were needed to protect infants and young children.

A court decisions ruled that the EPA needs more studies than an outright ban on the chemical.

Chlorpyrifos has been used to control insect pests since 1965 on a variety of feed and crops.

Following the decision, the American Soybean Association weighed in and said it's excited that there will be a science based review of the pesticide in days ahead.

The ASA says farmers rely on it to protect crops from insects and the ban harms farmer's livelihoods and prevents conservation practices.

The chemical is often used on sugar beets, strawberries, wheat, soybeans, asparagus, peaches, cotton, apples, citrus, tart cherries and more.

Environmental groups continue work to ban chemical which they say studies have found it causes hyperactivity, autism and developmental problem and lower IQ.

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