Founding Editor's Letter To BEEF Readers In 1964

Fifty years ago, founding editor Paul Andre sat down and penned this letter to new BEEF subscribers about what to expect from his new publication. Despite many changes since that day, our mission and promise to readers still rings true.

September 11, 2013

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Founding Editor's Letter To BEEF Readers In 1964

BEEF, the nations’ newest livestock publication, is now a reality with the publication of Volume 1, Number 1.

As one of our 40,000 new readers, you undoubtedly have some questions about BEEF and its objectives. We will give you the answers a little farther down in this column. First, though, let’s take a look at the beef business.

The beef cattle industry is truly the giant of the livestock business with an annual contribution of about $8 billion toward agriculture income. USDA figures for 1963 show that the nations’ cattle feeders sold 15,298,000 head of finished cattle. The July 1, 1964, Cattle on Feed report, also issued by the USDA, shows there were 6,665,000 cattle and calves on feed in the 28 major feeding states. In addition, the 1964 calf crop is expected to be 42,633,000 head. This is a 2% gain over 1963 and the sixth straight year of increased calf crop size.

Despite the size of the beef industry, there hasn’t been, until now, a publication devoted exclusively to your interests as a beef farmer feeder. But no longer will you have to search through a variety of sources in the hope that you can garner bits and pieces of information to help in making your business decisions.


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BEEF will serve as the central collection point for information from all areas of the beef industry. This material will be analyzed, sifted, written and disseminated to you so that you have the latest news and information in one package.

Coverage will include everything from breeding until the time beef is eaten at the family table, with special emphasis given to the needs of the farmer feeder. This means you will find BEEF carrying in-depth reports on research, feedlot features, economic information, feed handling, animal health, nutrition and many other equally important subjects.

There will be a number of regular departments that should prove interesting and useful to you. Two of these are specifically designed for your participation. They are the “Mail Chute” and “Beefmen Want To Know.” The former is an open forum where you can air your gripes and opinions or pass out compliments. The latter department will enable you to obtain free advice from specialists in any area that is giving you trouble. All you have to do is to write to us and we will pass the question along to the appropriate specialist.

Probably a big question in your mind is why and how you are receiving BEEF. Let us make this point clear. The magazine is free and will continue to come to you free – there are no hidden hooks or gimmicks involved.

This system, called controlled circulation, has long been used by many business and professional journals in reaching a clearly defined audience. It has only been in recent years that the system has been adopted by some agricultural publications.

This is how it works. The publisher, in this case Webb Publishing Co., establishes certain qualification standards which a reader must meet. Those who meet these standards are eligible to receive the publication free. All publications which use the controlled circulation system must follow certain prescribed rules established by an independent organization known as Business Publications Audit.

Your name as a qualified beef farmer feeder was submitted to us from one of a variety of sources, such as a cattle feeders’ organization. We hope that this explanation answers your questions about BEEF.


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Now, let’s look to the future. Certainly we are all aware of what has occurred in the beef feeding business in recent months, but his is only a temporary situation. Over the long range, there is indeed a bright future for the farmer feeder.

Beef has enjoyed constantly increasing demand as population and incomes have grown. This year, per capita beef consumption will exceed 100 pounds. All indications point to a continuation of this growth trend so that the potential for good, lean beef has never been better.

This means that you, as a producer of the nations’ most desired meat, will play an increasingly important role in our agricultural economy.

We believe that BEEF can and will be an invaluable aid in the years ahead as you face the many decisions that are necessary to keep this dynamic, expanding industry progressing as it should.


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