Have BEEF “Your Way” – Paper Or Electronic

BEEF magazine is now available in electronic format for more reader convenience and timeliness.

November 25, 2013

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Have BEEF “Your Way” – Paper Or Electronic

It was a half-century ago that BEEF magazine was launched to Corn Belt farmer-feeders. It was unique for its time – one of the first vertical publications aimed at a narrow audience of beef producers. There have been a lot of changes since then – a national reach to all production sectors, a website, electronic newsletters, more interactivity with readers. The newest wrinkle is our digital edition, which will put the latest issue literally at your fingertips with just a few keystrokes. In fact, get a jump on the postman by viewing the upcoming December issue online today.

We’re not scrapping the print edition that you receive in your mail box each month; we’re just adding more convenience for BEEF readers with a digital version. No more digging through a stack of issues to find a particular article, it will be available with just a few keystrokes.

The content and layout is the same in both versions, with the digital edition offering everything but the feel of paper. With the digital issue, readers can still page through the content just like a print issue, or jump to a story after consulting the issue’s table of contents.

But because the digital issue doesn’t require a printing press or a postman to get it into your hands, the digital version puts information at your fingertips more quickly. Plus, in the digital edition, you can click on internal links within the story for more information, and on the ads to learn more about the advertised offerings.

Each month’s edition will now be archived on beefmagazine.com. If you go there now, you’ll find the digital versions of the September through December issues in the center column of the home page under “Resources.” Just click on “BEEF Digital Editions.” In addition, you can find a link to the digital issue in the right rail of every BEEF electronic newsletter you receive.

Once you’ve pulled up the issue you want, you can read it online (zoom in and out on the page for better readability), print the issue, or send it to a friend. In addition, a search function allows you to search for words and phrases in that issue or previous issues.

Some readers will like the change because of the timeliness and portability of the information. We like it because its instantaneous delivery makes it possible to get important news and information to you more quickly. So, whether it’s in print or digital form, now you can have it your way!


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