Is your composted manure spreader working against you?

Running your business today requires more efficiencies than ever before. And there’s nothing more expensive than equipment that’s not running when you are.


Running a feedyard today requires more efficiencies than ever before. And there's nothing more expensive than equipment that's not running when you are. High repair costs, limited horsepower, short lifespan, and reduced resale value add up quickly to hurt your bottom line. 
Check out the information below to see if you're getting the productivity and profitability you need out of your composted manure spreader to keep you competitive during this difficult time.
Are you getting the productivity and efficiency you need?
There's more to composted manure spreaders than swath width. Capacity, horsepower, and throughput all work together to directly impact your acres per day capabilities and profitability. If you're spreading 5 tons of compost 35' wide at 6 mph, you can spread up to 140 acres per day. If you increase your swath width to 55' wide and speed up to 16 mph, you can increase your acres per day to 580. That means you can clean pens faster. What's more, those 440 more acres per day can result in 54 days and over $30,000 in labor, fuel, and overhead saved each year for those managing large acreages.
New Leader's L5034 and new NL600 composted manure spreaders offer some of the industry's highest horsepower and throughput capabilities. Visit New Leader's website to learn how one New Leader composted manure spreader can perform the work of multiple competitors.  
Is annual maintenance killing your bottom line?
An under-appreciated product feature, high annual maintenance costs can add up quickly to hurt your bottom line. $10,000 saved in original purchase price can evaporate in a flash with costly repairs and downtime, leaving you both money and time behind. The L5034 and new NL600 by New Leader offer the highest quality manufacture, material, and design. With stainless steel conveyor floors and hydraulic oil coolers, you can rest easy knowing your equipment was built to withstand the elements and work as hard as you.
Are you getting the protection you need?
Not all manufacturers are created equal. Will-fit equipment, limited warranty protection, and lack of product and service professionals can leave you without the support you need during your busiest and most demanding times. New Leader's decades-long exclusive relationships with the industry's leading OEMs like John Deere, AGCO, and Case IH give their customers the full protection they need; from composted manure spreaders custom-designed to work seamlessly with the chassis to nation-wide dealer support.
The L5034 by New Leader is available on AGCO TerraGators, Case IH Titans, and RBR Vectors. Prefer to pull your units with a tractor? New Leader's new NL600 multi-product, multi-season, high capacity, high output compost/litter/fertilizer trailed spreader features a trailer with 55,000 lbs capacity, 4-wheel hydraulic disc brakes, and walking beam with 15" of travel. It is available through AGCO, Case IH, and John Deere dealers.
To learn more about how New Leader's compost/litter spreaders can work for you, visit

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