Last call for photo entries

There’s still time to enter the “Ranch work, ranch life” photo contest.

Amanda Radke

October 10, 2017

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Last call for photo entries
Cole Tarochione

UPDATE: Entries are now closed and voting is underway. Help us select a winner here.

Ranching isn’t always easy. It seems like there’s always some kind of stumbling block along the long, dusty trail to success. Perhaps in my case, this should read “long, muddy trail” to success.

Last weekend, we were scheduled to wean calves, and in God’s good timing, the days leading up to the event brought a downpour. Harvesting halted. Lots filled with water. It was a muddy, soupy mess, but with neighbors slated to come help, the show must go on, and it did.

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We worked all week to clean the lots and prepare for calves to come. Unfortunately, the area where we sort cows from calves was still pretty wet, so we put on our tallest mud boots and embraced the situation. Fortunately, the cows sorted off pretty well, nobody ended up face first in the mud, and we were able to work and weigh the calves to end the day.

Despite the obstacles, it was a job well done, but I think we all slept hard that night following the hard day of work. That’s ranch life for you. Whether you’ve got to contend with drought, pouring rain, blizzards, wind, hail, slumped markets, aging parents, escalating inputs, stiff competition for pasture or other obstacles, this business is tough, but the effort is well worth it if you’re passionate about it.

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That’s exactly what we’re celebrating this month as we gather readers’ photographs of ranch work and ranch life for a fun October photo contest. Sponsored by Twisted X, we’ve got a pair of driving moccasins up for grabs for our most popular photo submitted, as well as a $50 VISA gift card for the reserve champion. Plus, three voters will take home prizes, as well.

We’ve already received a great collection of photographs so far. You can view the gallery here.

Luckily for those who haven’t entered yet, there is still time to submit your photos. The last call for images starts now, with the deadline — Oct. 12 at noon — quickly approaching. To enter, simply email me your best ranch work, ranch life photo to [email protected] along with your name, address and a title of the image. If you have bonus photos to share, encourage family members to submit some, as well.

Don’t wait to enter. The deadline will soon be here. Now is your chance to win a comfortable, stylish and durable pair of Twisted X driving moccasins! I can’t wait to view your images!

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