Managing markets, farm business during COVID-19

Agriculture market management insight from Ag Marketing IQ experts and others during the coronavirus outbreak.

May 27, 2020

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COVID-19 ag market impact
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No aspect of business has been untouched by the coronavirus, it seems. Grain markets, livestock markets, stock markets and more have taken a hit and have become extremely volatile, greatly impacting our business decisions.

Fortunately, experts are here to share insight, and we’ve got authors from our Ag Marketing IQ blog and others offering their knowledge. We'll update this page with new ag marketing farm business insight as it comes in to keep you up to date.

May 26

2 marketing tips to manage bushels this fall

Understanding basis and futures carry can help construct a plan to manage and extract the available revenue from grain storage.

By Dave Lechtenberg

May 18

Consider survival tools for the turbulence ahead

Producers can guarantee a certain futures price while still leaving the ability to set final price for grain at a later date, and possibly at a higher level.

By Paul Dubravec

May 12

What red ink?

All the bad supply and demand news could actually help your bottom line in 2020.

By Bryce Knorr

May 11

5 keys to a successful long-term marketing plan

A long-term, disciplined approach to managing both higher and lower prices will produce much better sales results.

By Fred Dietz

May 4

We hedge because nobody knows the future

Learn to hedge by watching how grain merchandisers manage risk.

By Dave Fogel

May 2

What options do you have to manage risk?

Hedging risk comes in different shapes and sizes.

By Matt Bennett

April 27

How to market grain while you are busy

6 ways to be ready to make grain sales even during your busy planting season.

By Toni Dunker

April 22

Price slides, panic: Are we nearing a bottom in grain markets?

Keep your eye on U.S. dollar, energy, as they will likely help strengthen prices.
By Duane Lowry

April 18

What happens when no one wants your grain?

Anatomy of a bottom in the grain market.
By Brian Splitt

April 17

Until markets improve, focus on slashing costs

Surround yourself with as much cash as possible.
By Matthew Kruse

April 9

3 lessons for grain marketing in volatile times

Defense. Offense. Don’t stop running!
By Naomi Blohm

April 6

Minimize risk in a low margin environment

Predicting price is impossible but managing price risk is something all of us can control.
By Dave Lechtenberg

April 5

Volatility and extreme fear: A good time to make sales?

As planters are rolling, growers also must figure out how to manage risk management decisions in the time of COVID-10. Ag View Pitch offers some insight.
Podcast with Chris Barron and Duane Lowry

March 30

Even in unprecedented times you can still stay optimistic

Look past the panic flooding your phones and computers and appreciate the amazing things people do to help us persevere.
By Paul Dubravec

March 20

How COVID-19 impacted grain, energy markets this week

Gripped by fear, markets try to find some footing.
By Matt Bennett

March 18

Riding the storm out: Coronavirus and the markets

Ag View Pitch: Mid-week special podcast taking stock of coronavirus challenges and opportunities.
Podcast with Chris Barron and Duane Lowry

March 17

Special report: COVID-19: The Disruptor

Expect extreme volatility in prices and costs over the next few months.
By David Kohl

March 16

Minimize downside potential price damage with options

For grain marketing, fear the worst-case scenario but be ready for the best case as well.
By Dave Fogel

How long will market chaos reign?

Length of stock market contagion could depend on economy.
By Bryce Knorr

March 13

Black Swan events cause panic, but also provide opportunity

The current coronavirus-inspired chaos is a chance to buy emotionally depressed markets that might have great upside potential.
By Bill Biedermann

March 12

finding opportunity during coronavirus fallout

Finding opportunity in the coronavirus fallout

Is there an upside to a pandemic? 4 potential positives for your farm.
By Naomi Blohm

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