Mid-size tractors get revamp

John Deere launches 6M models including two shorter-wheelbase versions

Willie Vogt

September 17, 2019

Full-line tractor makers have a lot on their plates. The engineers and designers are constantly looking for ways to enhance the products offered, while also managing customer expectations. A key word may be “optionality.” And for the new John Deere 6M series company engineers keyed on that word for the Model year 2020 line.

Many know that John Deere now offers machines in three spec levels – E, M and R – with R being the top line, fully optioned machines. Yet many buyers want to tweak their tractors and may not always need all the bells and whistles that come with the higher-spec R line. For 2020 in the mid-size 6M series lineup – buyers will have that choice.

Rolled out at the Ohio Farm Science review, the new line jumps to eight choices with three new models and covers 110 to 195 engine horsepower, with the smallest two offering a more compact design with a wheelbase that’s 7 inches shorter than the next models in the line. “For many buyers who recall the 6430, they’ll see something similar with the 6110M and 6120M,” says Lyle McMillan, product marketing manager, John Deere. He adds that the more sharply sloped nose of the 6110M and 6120M offers greater visibility in that smaller package than the 6430.

GOOD VISION: From a corner post display for improved visibility to this optional overhead window, operators will find the 6M offers improved visibility for operating under a variety of conditions.

The new 6M lineup includes three new models – the 6110M at 110 engine hp; 6120M at 120 engine hp; and the 6140M at 140 engine hp. That 6140M hits a sweet spot in size, horsepower and capabilities for many users. This small-frame machine has a 4-cylinder engine and features 20-hp Intelligent Power Management for extra power when needed, McMillan explains.

Other models in the line, with engine horsepower reflected in the last three digits of the model numbers include the 6130M, 6145M, 6155M, 6175M and 6195M.

Wheelbase for the models range from 94.5 inches for the 6110M and 6120M, 101.6-inches for the 6130M and 6140M, 109 inches for the 6145M and 6155M and 110 inches for the 6175M and 6195M.

The lower horsepower models are powered by a four-cylinder John Deere engine, the top four get 6 cylinder power.

Consider the options

The key for the M series is options. From a front-mount PTO to a high-visibility cab roof for enhanced loader use, these machines offer producers a range of choices to help match tractor to specific farmer need.

The newly designed machines offer other features including enhanced service access with a dipstick you can check without removing shields. And when it comes time to pull a shield, all you do is pull, the shields are kept in place magnetically, so they’re easy to remove as needed. That provides easy access to radiator screens and other areas that may need regular cleaning and maintenance.

The machines also come AutoTrac ready, a first for the smaller 6110M and 6120M models. More farmers are finding value in auto-steering even with smaller machines.

The new cab for the tractor, which can be optioned with a loader control built into the console, features a clean corner post display and a compact CommandArm console offering fingertip machine and implement control; and up to four electronic selective control valves. That corner post display contains information that used to be ahead of the steering wheel, cleaning up the operator’s forward view. New for 2020 is a PowrReverser button on the joystick that allows operators to change direction without taking their hands off the steering wheel or joystick.

McMillan explains that it’s possible for a user to add options to get the M series very close to an R, but that’s not the idea. “We wanted to provide the buyer with choices they need for their tractor and the job they want to get done,” he says.

Matching loader

The shorter wheelbase, steeper sloped nose of the 6110M and 6120M called for a new loader, so Deere is rolling out the 600R. “The loader has a 154-inch lift height,” says Devon Loew, product marketing manager, loaders. “It also features a more curved boom.”

The loader features LED lights and has 4,100 pounds of lift capacity at that 154-inch lift height. And it has a fast cycle time of less than 6 seconds, which boosts productivity.

MATCHING LOADER: The two shorter 6M machines get a new 600R loader with a greater slope, hidden oil lines and easy from-the-cab attachment changes

At this machine size, loaders are a common add-on at buying time, but these tractors get greater use than material handling. Loew explains that the new loader features one-touch attachment changes right from the cab. And removing the loader is simple too, just turn a lever on each side of the loader, unhook the quick-release hydraulics, drop the stands and back away.

The loader also features a clean design with oil lines inside the boom, which not only provides that smoother look, but also protects them from harm.

You can learn more about the full 6M series for 2020 by visiting johndeere.com.

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